Vim for Rubyists

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Vim for Rubyists

Nimble Industries
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Vim and Ruby are a match made in heaven. Join Colin and Andy, two veteran Rubyists and Vim users as they teach you 22 lessons on how to get the most out of Vim when developing in Ruby. Covering Ruby on Rails in addition to non-Rails Ruby uses, Vim for Rubyists is a comprehensive course for Ruby developers and Vim users of all skill levels. With lessons covering both vanilla Ruby and Ruby on Rails, you will absolutely learn something from this course.

How it Works

Our email courses all take on the VimTricks format you know and love: Short but helpful tips and tricks that focus on a suspect Vim workflow improvement. Each lesson is sent to you via email and some include short video demonstrations. No matter when you purchase, you'll start at the beginning of the course and receive two lessons every week.

Add the eBook

You can optionally pick up the eBook to go along with your course. It's the same content but in handy eBook format for archiving and future reference.

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Available on June 1, 2021 at 4:00 PM

22 Lessons

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