Git Better with Vim

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Power up your efficiency with Git and Vim. This eBook brings you 25 lessons that comprehensively cover using Git from within Vim. That's 25 essential tips and tricks and in-depth tutorials for integrating Vim into your Git workflow.  Save time and work more efficiently with our course -- absolutely essential for anyone who uses Vim and Git.

The book includes more than 100 pages and is packed with the best workflows for using Git from within Vim. Lessons include a succinct and helpful tips in text form with a few videos demonstrating the action. 

Git Better With Vim features the most popular Git plugin for Vim: Fugitive. But we also cover many other plans useful to improving your Git workflow with Vim. And we tell you how to get the most out of Vim and Git when plugins aren't available, too.

The course touches on every step of the Git workflow and how to do so right inside of Vim:

  • Committing

  • Interactive rebase

  • Git blame

  • Diffing like a boss in Vim

  • GitHub and GitLab integration

  • Code reviews from Vim

  • Ctag integration with Git

  • Merge conflict resolution

  • Advanced history navigation

  • ....and much more.

At barely $1 per lesson, each of which will take just a few minutes to read, understand, and internalize, you're assured to make back your time and money in increased efficiency.

If you code professionally in Vim you absolutely must have this book.

How it Works

Our eBook takes a form similar to our blog and email tips: Short but helpful tips and tricks that focus on a succinct Vim workflow improvement. Each lesson is designed to help you internalize and adapt the suggestion for your workflow. We include our personal tips and recommendations.

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24 lessons
104 pages


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Git Better with Vim

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