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I made this Google Sheet when I was house hunting last year. The process of comparing costs between properties was daunting and this spreadsheet evolved over a series of months. It allows you to maintain a big list of all the properties you're interested in and then compare the upfront and monthly costs of each of them.

In one sheet, you enter all the details of the houses you see: price, monthly taxes, square footage, etc. In another sheet you can choose one of those properties from a drop down and then see all the relevant financial calculations: closing costs, monthly costs, comparisons to your existing costs (mortgage or rent), and much more.

My wife and I used this to collaborate on our purchase. We also invited our real estate agent called who was then able to help fill in details and narrow down our selection. This House Comparison Calculator Spreadsheet was an essential tool in our successful home purchase. I have spent countless hours tweaking it so it can be useful to you, too!

Name a fair price below -- I am certain it will save you many hours of work!

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House Comparison Calculator Spreadsheet

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